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Are Your Taxes On Paper Or Digital?

Are Your Taxes On Paper Or Digital?

Are Your Taxes On Paper Or Digital?

Life in the 21st century is increasingly one where the digital format is the medium of choice. More and more people just stream their music rather than buying CDs to listen to. People read books on their tablets or dedicated e-readers rather than putting printed books on a shelf. Even movies are consumed by digital stream rather than played back on a disc.


So it should come as no surprise that with the convenience and digital infrastructure that’s available to us now in the 21st century, important documentation like your health records and even your taxes can now be entered in a digital format. And there are advantages to doing it this way too.


Faster Filing, Fewer Errors


While there’s no such thing as a 100% foolproof system, digital income tax filing, or “e-filing” as it is more popular known, is a great way to both speed up the tax filing process, as well as reduce the number of possible errors that can be made. Whether you’re doing it yourself, or choosing to have a professional handle the taxes for you, e-filing means that certain “fields” in the tax form will now only accept certain kinds information, reducing the chance of “missing” the right space or column and filling in the wrong information.


And once the filing is done, it can be sent electronically to the IRS, but the digital format ensures that you have copies, the IRS has copies, and an easily trackable “digital paper trail” exists that can be used for easy reference for everyone. Best of all, if something gets “lost in the mail,” it can be resent instantly.


Get Your E-Filing Done By Professionals


E-filing is something that you can do either yourself with the right software, or something that can be done by request with professionals like Sherbetjian Premium Tax Services. If this is something you’d like to think about the next time tax season arrives, reach out and let your tax service know

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