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The Devil’s In The Details

The Devil’s In The Details

The Devil’s In The Details

If there’s one thing that’s generally agreed upon by most Americans, it’s that the arrival of tax season and the need to file for income taxes is not a fun time. This is when some people, especially those that run their own business, must break out the receipts, documents, and other proof of transactions over the financial year, and nail everything down so that you, your finance department, your accountant, or your tax service can dutifully fill out all the forms required to pay the IRS—and by extension, the USA itself—what they are due.


But this is a lot of information to get right. That’s why, even once you think an income tax form is correctly filled out, it’s always important to look over the information one more time. A thorough recheck is absolutely vital, because if there is even one letter or number misplaced somewhere, this can cause a chain reaction in a tax filing that may require more time and attention to address. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye in particular on these details in your filing:


Social Security Numbers


If this detail is wrong anywhere, it can mean trouble for you. Always make sure you double check the entered SSN against what your actual SSN card or other documents confirm to be the real number.


Filing Status


This can be an easy one to make a mistake on if you’re in a hurry. You may inadvertently file or be filed as head of a household when you’re single, for example, or vice versa. Make sure that the status on the form correctly reflects your actual tax status.


Bank Account Number

If you’re due for a refund and you’re choosing to have your refund directly deposited into bank account, this is yet another long string of numbers you want to double and triple check for accuracy. If you make a mistake on this number, you simply won’t get your refund until the error has been detected and addressed.


Math Errors


This is especially important if you’re doing your own taxes. But if someone else is performing this task for you, but isn’t an experienced, recommended tax service, you may still want to go over the numbers yourself. An error in math is one of the easiest errors to make, and can remain hidden for long periods of time until the discovery is made.


Get All The Signatures


A particularly important action to take if you’re still filling out forms the old fashioned way and mailing them. Make absolutely sure that everything is signed, and, just as important, signed where it is supposed to be. A tax form cannot be properly accepted and processed if the required signatures aren’t in place.


Make Thing Easy On Yourself With Professional Help


Of course, the best way to ensure no errors in your tax returns is by handing the work off to experienced professionals with a stellar reputation. Sherbetjian Premium Tax Services is that service, with over 25 years of experience in the business helping people to quickly, legally, conveniently file their taxes. If you need help, reach out and get it.

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