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Why E Filing Makes Sense This Tax Season

Why E Filing Makes Sense This Tax Season

Why E Filing Makes Sense This Tax Season

Technology has changed the entire world, and one way that it has done so is in the way that taxes are handled. Paper filling still exists, but the number of people who use that method are dwindling. In fact, the IRS estimated that 90 percent of individual taxpayers will be filing their taxes electronically in 2018.


Combining e-filing with direct deposit for any refund you receive is, simply put, the best option for those who want to have the least painful tax filing experience possible. Your tax preparer will be able to offer you e-filing and direct deposit options, too. Here are some of the main reasons to file electronically.


•  Security – Using e-filing software allows you to rest easy knowing that your taxes are safe and secure. Encryption technology can protect your tax returns from fraud or theft, and it’s a much safer option than mailing paper returns. Plus, you don’t have to worry about documents being lost in the mail.

• Accuracy – While letting a tax professional handle your taxes will mean that mistakes are unlikely, the use of e-filing software helps ensure that the accuracy is even better. Tax mistakes can be costly and stressful, and the improved accuracy can give you peace of mind.

• Faster Refunds – By using e-filing technology, you likely get your refund faster. If you combine it with direct deposit, you’ll get your refund in the quickest timeframe possible. For those who procrastinate until the last minute to complete their taxes, e-filing helps ensure that you make the deadline to file as well as making it easier to get your money faster.

• Convenience – While your tax preparer will take care of the filing process, the convenience offered by e-filing still deserves mention. Instead of having a tax pro fill out your forms, print them, and then let you mail them in, your tax professional can e-file immediately and start the ball rolling on getting your taxes taken care of.


The bottom line is simple. E-filing has become increasingly popular for a very good reason. There are simply no other ways to go about filing your taxes that offer the security, safety, speed, and convenience provided by e-filing. And at Sherbetjian Premium Tax Services we know how much of a difference that speed and security can make. Contact our team today so we can do the hard work of filling out your taxes and file them for you.

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